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Reviews of The Long Drunk:

"An unshakable noir with a protagonist learning along the way, but beyond the more overt genre traits is a rewarding story of a man's unconditional love for his faithful companion." -- Kirkus Reviews (starred review), named "Best of 2012." 

“The social critique inherent in the contrast between the homeless and the wealthy denizens of Venice propels The Long Drunk into the realm of the extraordinary. Highly recommended for adults only.” -- Mary, 

“A grittily horrid heroic journey that made me laugh out loud, fight tears, hug my dog and take a long, hot shower.” -- Joni Rodgers, NYT bestselling author of The Hurricane Lover

“If Hunter S. Thompson were alive today, I think he'd love to hang out with Eric Coyote.”  -- Mark Harden, Hollywood animal trainer

“There is a bite, strong language, satire about art snobbery (and a delicious little moment when that snobbery is thrown into the ocean) in The Long Drunk. Something that makes it not just a book, not just fiction, not just words locked into a genre, but writing, writing that dares to go beyond. And in my view, writing that dares to go beyond is literature.” -- Marie J. Fortis, Amazon reader

“I'll be honest. I felt like I was reading a Raymond Chandler (Murphy's own guide) or Dashiel Hamett that no one had yet seen. The Long Drunk is a masterpiece you'll remember twenty years from now with a smile on your lips and tear in your eye.” -- John Lehman, Rosebud Book

 “Until I read this book, I could only imagine what the lives of the homeless might be like. Delving into this gritty world felt important, adding a rich layer of understanding to my own perspective.” -- Laurel-Rain Snow, Amazon reader

“In The Long Drunk, modern noir meets Bukowski...but it's better than "Pulp," Bukowski's own attempt at noir.” -- RW High, Amazon reader

“Just finishing off this super slice of dark and nasty, THE LONG DRUNK by @EricCoyote. Bleak as sideways rain and sharp as a hot razor, with a lot of black laughs. Great stuff.” — @robparkerauthor